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Thanks to Our Community of Readers, Authors, Reviewers, and Editors

Twa, Michael, D.

Optometry and Vision Science: December 2017 - Volume 94 - Issue 12 - p 1073
doi: 10.1097/OPX.0000000000001154

Editor in Chief, Birmingham, AL

Optometry and Vision Science owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to all those who give so generously of their time to help make the journal a success. Over this past year, I have written many times about new initiatives, new priorities, a new look, and other changes necessary to ready the journal for the future of academic publishing. Despite all the chaos, evolution, and confusion in modern publishing, in the end, the success of the journal is very straightforward—provide quality, clinically relevant vision science content that is accessible to a global audience.

I thank the readers of the journal; your engagement is essential.

Thanks to the many authors from around the globe who submitted your work for publication in Optometry and Vision Science. The journal received submissions from authors in 43 different countries in 2017. Submissions to the journal remain high, and this has made for many difficult editorial decisions. The overall acceptance rate for submissions to the journal in 2017 was 24%. To those of you who choose to submit your work to the journal, we sincerely thank you for trusting our dedicated team of editors and reviewers with your work. While we cannot publish all that we receive, we strive to give each author's submission fair consideration and thoughtful, constructive reviews. Because the journal represents the American Academy of Optometry, we will continue to hold high standards for the quality of the content we select for publication as well as ethical integrity and conduct of the peer-review process for vetting prospective publications. We aspire to be worthy of your trust and respect so that you will think of Optometry and Vision Science for your future submissions in 2018.

In 2017, we engaged more than 700 different reviewers spanning 39 different countries. Optometry and Vision Science is a global vision science resource and becoming ever more so. It is a point of pride that our reviewers and editors give generously of their time to help advance vision science. To all who have provided reviews in 2017, I will be sending individual letters of thanks to you indicating your service to the journal and our broader community. I thank each of you for helping hone the submissions that you have reviewed—most assuredly, your efforts have helped improve many final published papers.

Over the past year, I have recruited two new Associate Editors, a number of additional Topical Editors, and several new Editorial Board members. This large team is now more than 75 members and is essential for coordinating a responsive peer-review process. These individuals are tasked with providing important advice, direction, and clarity for authors, for example, reconciling conflicting reviews. Authors deserve clear unequivocal direction on the fate of their submissions, and our team of editors do a great job of carefully considering each submission and providing appropriate direction to the authors. Thank you to the editorial team and especially Managing Editor, Mr. Kurt Zadnik, who makes it all happen, as well as Associate Editor Don Mutti and Associate Editor Andrew Mick who work tirelessly to make the journal better.

Early in 2018, we will be reaching out to the readers, society members, authors, and reviewers seeking your input on how you use the journal, what content you value, your top priorities as an author, or your needs as a reviewer. In short, we want to hear from you about how we are doing and what is important to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

I wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

© 2017 American Academy of Optometry