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“Myopia”: Submission deadline April 1, 2013

Adams, Tony

Optometry and Vision Science: November 2012 - Volume 89 - Issue 11 - p 1563
doi: 10.1097/OPX.0b013e3182718b27
Call for Papers

OVS Editor-in-Chief

Over the past decade Optometry and Vision Science (OVS) has regularly published Feature Issues dedicated to advances in research on Myopia.

Myopia continues to be a global concern with reports of increasing prevalence in children, particularly of higher levels of pathological myopia. At the same time, the clinical and research communities are making progress toward understanding the etiology and treatment of myopia. Numerous genes are now associated with myopia using the powerful technologies of molecular genetics. Recent research has shed light on the hierarchy of environmental risk factors with an emphasis on the protective effect of time outdoors. Studies are ongoing aimed at understanding and harnessing these benefits. New therapies to slow the rate of myopia progression by manipulating peripheral defocus show early promise.

OVS plans a Feature Issue entirely devoted to the advances and challenges in refractive error research. OVS invites Original Articles, Invited Reviews, Case & Clinical Reports and Technical Reports that highlight the latest clinical and basic research in refractive error development. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding the control of ocular growth, from visual signals to biochemical cascade
  • Understanding and optimizing peripheral or foveal optical signals for control of ocular growth
  • Biomechanical and non-retinal influences on refractive error development
  • Prediction of myopia onset or progression
  • Understanding the effects of outdoor exposure on risk of myopia onset or progression
  • Differences in visual function between myopes and non-myopes
  • Clinical trial results for therapies to reduce risk of myopia onset or rate of progression

All manuscripts will be peer reviewed and must be submitted online at

Submissions must be prepared according to the Instructions for Authors available at:

During submission, in the “Author’s Comments” box, note your paper is being submitted for this feature issue.

The six Guest Editors are leading international researchers and pioneers in myopia research.

They are Donald Mutti, Jane Gwiazda, Tom Norton, Frank Schaeffel, Earl Smith, Chi-ho To.

Donald Mutti will be coordinating submitted manuscripts with the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. Please contact the Editorial Office ( if you have any questions.

The Feature Issue will be published late 2013.

Tony Adams

Editor in Chief

Optometry and Vision Science

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