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From the Cover, Can You Tell What Is in the Book?

Adams, Anthony J.

Optometry and Vision Science: November 2012 - Volume 89 - Issue 11 - p 1561
doi: 10.1097/OPX.0b013e318277086d

Editor-in-Chief Optometry and Vision Science

Although it is quite true that you cannot tell what is in a book from its cover, for Optometry and Vision Science (OVS) a new cover in January 2013 coincides with a lot of changes and ongoing enriched content inside. The image shown here will look just like the new cover that we will unveil beginning January 2013.



The new cover comes at a time when lots of new initiatives are underway with OVS.

Last month, I introduced a new section “Clinical Communications” that takes advantage of enhanced digital online media opportunities. In that issue, you saw a couple of videos accompanying a clinical case on cataract, and last month, and at the Academy meeting in Phoenix, you were introduced to the OVS iPad application. It allowed you to download the entire issue of OVS, including those videos. After you downloaded on the iPad, you did not need to have Wi-Fi around to read whatever you wanted in the October issue; you could be sitting on the beach (perhaps not in Phoenix), in a bus or train, or in an airplane and read whatever you wanted in that issue, including the video clips.

In fact for the months October, November, and December, the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) and Lippincott Williams and Wilkins (LWW) have made the iPad application for OVS available to anyone free. This will introduce colleagues to the journal and the application on iPad! Then, after the free period expires, beginning in January 2013 heralded by the new cover, you will continue to be able to do use the iPad app after the free trial period—as an Academy member or subscriber. Just be sure to access the journal through your membership then, just as you now do on your computer. However, unlike your computer access to the journal, with the iPad you can download the entire issue, not just one article at a time.

January 2013 also marks the beginning of a new contract period with our publishers at LWW. The AAO Board anticipates finalizing that contract this month (November).

In preparation for the iPad application with your membership, AAO and LWW will be sending you reminders this month, so that you are ready to go on in January 2013. Meanwhile, enjoy the iPad application for free—along with any of your colleagues who are interested in seeing OVS in its digital form.

In January you can also expect a guest editorial from our new Academy President, Bernie Dolan. He has things he wants to share with you!

As I shared with the OVS Board, we are now embarking on a new and exciting phase for OVS. As our habits change, we will take advantage of the enriched content that is so much easier to provide in digital form; in some cases, such as video content, there simply is no alternative to the digital form! Do not worry. You will still receive your hard copy every month. That, I know, will comfort some of you. For the OVS Board and its Editors, these are indeed heady times.

I suspect, after the October introduction to OVS on the iPad, Apple will experience a bump in AAO fellows purchases. I already know of at least one colleague who says he is giving himself an iPad as a holiday gift if his family does not!

Look for the new cover in January—and the riches that can found behind it.

Anthony J. Adams


Optometry and Vision Science

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