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Call For Papers

Adams, Tony

Author Information
Optometry and Vision Science: May 2011 - Volume 88 - Issue 5 - p 561
doi: 10.1097/OPX.0b013e31821d3365
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“Imaging and Measurement in the Eye: Now and Ahead”

Deadline for submission: October 1, 2011

In recent years, Optometry and Vision Science (OVS) has published a number of advances in research revealing remarkable non-invasive imaging within the eye; the imaging is accompanied by startling precision and unprecedented resolution. The application of these advances in ocular imaging has revealed important details of the anatomy, physiology, and clinical anomalies of most of the tissues in the living human eye.

OVS plans a Feature Issue entirely devoted to those advances, highlighting those technological achievements and their applications in research and patient care. The Feature also aims to identify the most pressing research questions and critical clinical issues that might be answered with further specific technology advances in ocular imaging.

Now OVS invites Original Articles, Invited Reviews, Case and Clinical Reports, and Technical Reports that highlight these technologies, in the context of the research and clinical advances that have resulted, including:

  • High-resolution imaging of the retina, choroid, and optic nerve including:
    • * Visualization and characterization of individual retinal cells through adaptive optics
    • * Visualization of retina and choroid and the measurement of retinal layers with optical coherence tomography
    • * Detailed imaging and measurement of the optic nerve head structure
  • Rapid in vivo determination of the dimensions and biomechanical properties of the cornea
  • Non-invasive measurements of tear film characteristics (thickness, stability/dynamics)
  • Imaging and measurement of the ciliary body
  • Advanced characterization of the crystalline lens and its dynamics in accommodation
  • Magnetic resonance imaging and imaging of the globe and orbital structures
  • Precise non-invasive measures of axial length and eye shape

All manuscripts will be peer reviewed and must be submitted online at They should be prepared according to the Instructions for Authors available at Indicate during the submission process in “Author's Comments” that your paper is being submitted for this feature issue.

The Guest Editors are leading international researchers, including pioneers with these technologies in their own research. Among them are David Williams, Paul Kaufman, Maciej Wojtkowski, Scott Read, Leo Carney, Jason Nichols, and Donald Mutti. Scott Read will be coordinating submitted manuscripts with the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. Please contact the Editorial Office ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

The Feature Issue will be published early in 2012.

Tony Adams


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