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Optometry and Vision Science: May 2001 - Volume 78 - Issue 5 - p 258-259
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Pseudoisochromatic Plates Passed to Richmond

Under a new agreement with Igaku Shoin Publishers of Tokyo, Richmond Products of Boca Raton, Florida will become the exclusive U.S. Distributor for the Standard Pseudoisochromatic Plates (SPP) Color Deficiency Testing Products published by Igaku Shoin. Part 1 of the SPP books is designed to provide accurate classification of mild, moderate, and severe color defects. Part 2 of the SPP books provides an accurate evaluation of acquired color deficiencies, such as red-green, blue-yellow, or scotopic vision defects.

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Eschenbach Gets Bigger and Brighter

Eschenbach has expanded its line of Bright Field stand magnifiers by introducing a new smaller lightweight version. The new 1424 offers 1.8× magnification and is 45 mm in diameter, nice and compact. Like the other magnifiers in this line, the 1424 is designed to gather light, thereby creating a brighter image through the lens. The lens is made of acrylic material, not glass, making it lighter in weight, and includes Eschenbach’s unique cera-tech coating. In addition, a black mount around the edge keeps the side of the magnifier clean and free of fingerprints. The mount also holds the bottom surface of the lens off the object being viewed, eliminating scratches caused by the object or reading material. For more information on this product, call 877-422-7300 or visit

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ChromaGen Receives FDA Approval

World Optics Incorporated (WOI) has been awarded an exclusive United States distributorship from Cantor-Nissel Limited of Great Britain for ChromaGen Color Discrimination Enhancement Soft Contact Lenses for patients with color vision deficiencies. Custom prescribed according to each patient’s color vision classification, they are available in powered and non-powered prescription, including those patients that possess astigmatism.

The ChromaGen Color Discrimination Enhancement Soft Contact Lenses are a range of lenses with precision-tinted pupils of varying hue and saturation which, when used monocularly and binocularly, have been shown to be of use in patients with defective color vision. ChromaGen lenses were developed from the concept of altering the spectral energy composition of the retinal stimulus, balancing out the deficiencies of brightness, hue, and saturation to balance color vision. They are manufactured based on proprietary processes and were recently award FDA approval, as well as a U.S. patent. ChromaGen is also available in the spectacle glass for those patients that cannot adapt to soft contact lenses.

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TLC and Alcon Expand Alliance

As part of a multi-year technology alliance with Alcon, TLC Laser Eye Centers have adopted the next generation of flying-spot small beam technology offered by the Alcon Summit Autonomous LADARVision system as its primary platform in its North American refractive centers. TLC centers already use a variety of Alcon-manufactured surgical instruments, accessory products, and prescription drugs. The LADARVision system has been approved by the FDA for using the LASIK procedure to treat myopia with or without astigmatism, hyperopia with or without astigmatism, and mixed astigmatism. In addition to being the only FDA-approved laser to achieve all these indications, the LADARVision system is the only FDA-approved laser system to combine laser radar eye tracking with narrow beam shaping technology during surgery.

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CIBA Vision Expands Focus

In response to requests from practitioners, CIBA Vision has expanded the parameters of the world’s number one toric lens, Focus Toric. With this expansion, the −2.50 D cylinder lens has an expanded spherical power range from plano to −6.00 D in the 8.9-mm base curve with around-the-clock axis in 10° steps. In addition to these new parameters, Focus Toric lenses are available in 8.9- and 9.2-mm base curves with −1.00 and −1.75 D cylinder powers.

“With the added parameters, practitioners are now able to prescribe Focus Toric lenses for the great majority of their astigmatic patients, including those high myopes with up to −3.25 D of astigmatism,” said Richard Weisbarth, OD, FAAO, CIBA Vision’s Executive Director of Professional Services North America.

Along with the expanded parameters, CIBA Vision’s innovative manufacturing technology makes Focus Toric lenses more accurate, stable, and predictable, lens after lens. The 55% water content vifilcon A Focus Toric lens features Visitint to aid in easy lens handling.

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