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Myopia: Recent Advances in Molecular Studies; Prevalence, Progression and Risk Factors; Emmetropization; Therapies; Optical Links; Peripheral Refraction; Sclera and Ocular Growth; Signalling Cascades; and Animal Models

McBrien Neville A.; Young, Terri L.; Pang, Calvin P.; Hammond, Chris; Baird, Paul; Saw, Seang-Mei; Morgan, Ian G.; Mutti, Donald O.; Rose, Kathryn A.; Wallman, Josh; Gentle, Alex; Wildsoet, Christine F.; Gwiazda, Jane; Schmid, Katrina L.; Smith, Earl III; Troilo, David; Summers-Rada, Jody; Norton, Thomas T.; Schaeffel, Frank; Megaw, Pam; Beuerman, Roger W.; McFadden, Sally A.
Optometry and Vision Science: January 2009
doi: 10.1097/01.opx.0000344146.84135.68
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The 12th International Myopia Conference held in Queensland, Australia on July 8–11, 2008 included 11 separate symposia, each with 3–5 presentations. Here, in a single paper, the authors of those Symposia describe the scientific advances noted at the conference and include the full abstracts of the individual myopia papers presented in each symposium. The symposia included molecular studies in humans and animals; twin studies; prevalence, progression and risk factors; outdoor activity and near work; lens compensation and emmetropization; therapies for myopia based on optical strategies; accommodation and ocular aberrations as causative links; eye shape and peripheral refraction relation to myopia; sclera and its role in regulating myopia; signalling cascades in developing myopia; and animal models in understanding myopia.

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