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Task and Visual Performance with Contact Lenses and Spectacles


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Optometry and Vision Science 69(5):p 337-341, May 1992.


Previous studies found task and vision performance differences between presbyopic contact lens corrections and distant contact lenses combined with reading spectacles. The present study was designed to compare task and vision performance with single vision contact lenses and spectacles. Eighteen soft (SCL) and seventeen rigid gas permeable (RGP) successful contact lens wearers were examined and fitted with CR-39 spectacles (SPEX) which corrected their distance vision. Their occupational task performance and visual acuity (high contrast, low contrast, low contrast with glare) were measured while they wore their contact lenses and spectacles. The tasks included putting pointers in straws, filing cards in a box, counting letters on a photograph of a VDT screen, and a distance/near fixation task. Visual acuity scores were lower with SCL than with SPEX. Low contrast visual acuity with glare was reduced by 1.36 letters on a 5-letter row (p < 0.05) for SCL compared to SPEX. No statistically significant differences in performance times were measured between contact lenses and spectacles. None of the error performance differences were statistically significant; however, more errors were made on each occupational task with soft contact lenses compared to spectacles. The findings suggest nearly equivalent task and visual performance with properly prescribed RGP contact lenses and spectacles, and minimal performance decrements with SCL compared to spectacles.

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