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Clinical Studies of TEPEZZA in Thyroid Eye Disease - Proptosis

Published on: 04.12.2021

Video clip from Douglas/Smith webinar - Clinical Trial Results Proptosis chapter.

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Duration: 3:59
Video clip from Douglas/Smith webinar - Clinical Trial Results Proptosis chapter.
Creator: Milind N. Naik, MD
Duration: 4:51
Subciliary Incision for DCR: External Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is still the gold standard in the management of nasolacrimal duct obstruction, but can lead to a visible scar. Subciliary incision is widely used as an aesthetic approach in Ophthalmic plastic surgery for a wide range of orbital and eyelid surgeries. This video depicts a combination of best of two worlds: External DCR, and subciliary incision to achieve good success with a barely visible scar. The video demonstrates, that the procedure is simple, elegant, and allows all advantages of an external DCR.
Creator: Jane Olver
Duration: 0:41
Endoscopic endonasal retrieval of silicone punctal plugs from the lacrimal sac 1
Creator: Jane Olver
Duration: 0:34
Endonasal endoscopic video of punctal plug retrieval from the lacrimal sac 2
Creator: Yoon-Duck Kim, MD
Duration: 1:18
We present a rare case of myeloma-associated amyloidosis presenting as chronic eyelid swelling.
Creator: Jose M Serra-Renom, MD, PhD and Jose M Serra-Mestre, MD
Duration: 4:23
This video features techniques to improve lower lid rejuvenation results in the patient with negative vector.
Creator: Harold Lee
Duration: 5:55
This video features the wrap around technique for combined medial and floor orbital fractures.
Creator: Harry Marshak
Duration: 5:43
This video feature a brow lifting technique through an upper lid blepharoplasty approach to address lateral brow ptosis.
Creator: Brett Kotlus
Duration: 2:30
This video features a closed-system harvest and transfer system. Procedure time and fat trauma is reduced. This technique effectively streamlines the fat harvest and transfer procedure with an easy-to-use, disposable filter device.