June 2020 - Volume 18 - Issue 6 : Operative Neurosurgery

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June 2020 - Volume 18 - Issue 6
pp: 571-746,E183-E262

Is Transcranial Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Focused Ultrasound a Repeatable Treatment Option? Case Report of a Retreated Patient With Tremor Combined With Parkinsonism

Valentino, Francesca; Cosentino, Giuseppe; Maugeri, Rosario; More

Operative Neurosurgery. 18(6):577-582, June 2020.

The Influence of Surgical Intervention and Sagittal Alignment on Frailty in Adult Cervical Deformity

Segreto, Frank A; Passias, Peter Gust; Brown, Avery E; More

Operative Neurosurgery. 18(6):583-589, June 2020.