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May 10th, 2006 - Volume 28 - Issue 9
pp: 3-62

Lessons Learned from New CMS Projects Point Way to Future Directions in High-Quality Cancer Care

Eastman, Peggy

Oncology Times. 28(9):6, May 10th, 2006.

Lessons Learned Point Way to Future Directions for High-Quality Cancer Care; and How the 2006 Version Aims to Expedite Data Collection

Robert Weinberg Uses AACR Award Presentation as Bully Pulpit to Help Secure Future of Scientific Discovery

Rosenthal, Eric T.

Oncology Times. 28(9):15,16, May 10th, 2006.

At AACR Meeting, Many Express Alarm at Budget Cuts, Saying This Is Not Just a Case of ‘Been There Before But Bounced Back’

The Racial Gap in Prostate Cancer

Oncology Times. 28(9):47,49, May 10th, 2006.

(1) Treatment by ‘High-Volume’ Prostate Cancer Surgeons Results in Better Outcomes; (2) The Racial Gap in Prostate Cancer; (3) Virus Linked to Development of Prostate Cancer; (4) Alendronate May Prevent Bone Loss in Patients on Anti- Androgens; (5) Brachytherapy Equal to High-Dose External-Beam RT for Early Disease; (6) Drug Holidays Effective for Some Prostate Cancer Patients; (7) Adjuvant RT May Be More Effective than Salvage for Stage III/IV; (8) and Vitamin D May Lower Risk of Thromboembolic Events