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December 25th, 2005 - Volume 27 - Issue 24
pp: 4-39

Stopping Clinical Trials Early for Benefit: New Study Indicates Decision May Not Be Justified

Fromer, Margot J.

Oncology Times. 27(24):14-16,18, December 25th, 2005.

“The ethical dilemma,” notes one observer, “is to safeguard the interests of patients while protecting society from overzealous prematur claims of treatment benefit.”

Early-Stage Breast Cancer: For Most Women, Five Years of Hormone Therapy is Sufficientears

Laino, Charlene

Oncology Times. 27(24):21-22, December 25th, 2005.

(1) For Early-Stage Breast Cancer, 5 Years of Hormone Therapy Sufficient for Most Women; (2) MDM2, Ki-67 Staining May Predict Prostate Cancer Outcome; and (3) Early-Stage Prostate Cancer: Monotherapy High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy Appears Successful

Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Good Results with Topotecan Given opotecan Weekly

Carlson, Robert H.

Oncology Times. 27(24):26, December 25th, 2005.

(1) Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Good Results with Weekly Topotecan; and (2) Advanced Prostate Cancer: Experimental Combinations May Improve on Docetaxel