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May 10th, 2004 - Volume 26 - Issue 9
pp: 3-80

Econo-Docs in Oncology

Simone, Joseph

Oncology Times. 26(9):3-4, May 10th, 2004.

Dr. Joe Simone decries the evolution of certain medical specialists from acting as what can be considered single agents for the patient, to double agents for patient and payer, to the current situation of free agents for themselves—a type of physician he dubs econo-docs, for whom economics comes first and the doc part last.

Treating Lower-Body Lymphedema

West, Diane

Oncology Times. 26(9):4,7, May 10th, 2004.

A look at an often forgotten type of problem, associated with prostate, stomach, ovarian, or colon cancer surgery. Lymphedema after cancer surgery to the lower body can cause swelling to the stomach and genitals as well as swelling in the legs and feet leading to loss of mobility and severe swelling.