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February 25th, 2004 - Volume 26 - Issue 4
pp: 3-34

Oncologists Cutting Back in Face of New Medicare Payment Formula

Erikson, Jane

Oncology Times. 26(4):4-8, February 25th, 2004.

Many oncologists—particularly those in smaller practices—are curtailing use of drugs like gem-citabine, carboplatin, and vinorelbine, for which reimbursement will fall below cost. Others have reduced or eliminated in-office labs, patient counselors, and other support services.

When Will the Children's Oncology Group Reach Maturity? (1st of 2 Parts)

Rosenthal, Eric T.

Oncology Times. 26(4):18-19, February 25th, 2004.

The merger of the pediatric cancer trials groups into one entity was intended to accelerate progress, con-tinuing what has been heralded as one of the great success stories of modern-day medicine. Four years later, the change continues to be critiqued, criticized, debated, and defended.

Shortage of Pharmacists Could Endanger Terrorism Preparedness

SoRelle, Ruth

Oncology Times. 26(4):24, February 25th, 2004.

The scarcity of pharmacists that has grown rapidly over the last two years is now being called a “dynam-ic” shortage, due to a sharp increase in demand coupled with an inabili-ty to increase the supply. Experts are concerned about the resulting impact on biological and chemical disaster preparedness.

Lymphedema: Management in Era of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Goodman, Alice

Oncology Times. 26(4):12-17, February 25th, 2004.

The use of sentinel lymph node biopsy has given the topic of lymphedema a higher profile, making both cancer caregivers and patients more aware of this complication.