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November 10th, 2003 - Volume 25 - Issue 21
pp: 4-76

Lung Cancer: Why Doesn't It Get the Respect Its Gargantuan Toll Demands?

Holtz, Andrew

Oncology Times. 25(21):10,19,22,27-28, November 10th, 2003.

Why does the nation's research investment in lung cancer lag behind that of other cancers? A look behind the reasons for the relative silence.

When Giving Gemcitabine, Slower May Be Better

Butcher, Charles

Oncology Times. 25(21):48, November 10th, 2003.

Understanding the kinetics of how gemcitabine is activated and broken down in the body can increase the levels of the active form and may improve outcomes.

Use of Proton Therapy Expanding: Better Dose Distribution than Conventional Radiation Therapy

Pembrook, Linda

Oncology Times. 25(21):53-54,57, November 10th, 2003.

“General oncologists need to be aware of this technology, because they're going to be hearing much more about it in the next 10 years,” is the prediction from experts, who note the better dose distribution.

Catheters Dipped in Novel Antiseptic May Prevent Infections in Immunosuppressed Patients

Pfeiffer, Naomi

Oncology Times. 25(21):35-36, November 10th, 2003.

Catheters impregnated with gendine appear to inhibit the growth of lethal bacteria for as long as eight weeks, four times longer than the typical time for standard catheters treated with antiseptics.