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  • Updated:   9/9/2020
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Oncology's top experts share their perspectives, opinions, and concerns about the field's most pressing issues covered in recent OT articles.

Creator: Sarah LaCorte
Duration: 12:46
Oncology Times sits down with Brian J. Bolwell, MD, the Chairman of the Taussig Cancer Institute and Professor of Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner School of Medicine. In his recurring Oncology Times column Straight Talk: Today's Cancer Centers, Dr. Bolwell dispenses wisdom on how to be a better leader. In this episode, Dr. Bolwell discusses the art of forgiveness; including how to let it go when there is conflict and breach of trust.
Creator: HemOnc Times
Duration: 9:19
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Naveen Pemmaraju, MD, discusses the therapeutic landscape of ultra-rare cancers as well as the importance of ongoing research in these patient populations. Additionally, he shares his own passion for this area of study and how it has shaped his career.