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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Next International Stand Up To Cancer Dream Team Goes Dutch

Stand Up To Cancer’s (SU2C) international efforts to raise awareness and funding for cancer research continued today when its scientific partner, the American Association for Cancer Research, announced that it is now accepting applications for its Dutch-version Sta Op Tegen Kanker Dream Team Translational Cancer Research Grant of up to €6 ($8 million).


The research funding is provided by both SU2C and the KWF Kankerbestrijding (Dutch Cancer Society), which held its third annual Stand Up televised broadcast November 28.

In addition to the three Hollywood-based multi-network telecasts in 2008, 2010, and 2012, Stand Up also partnered with Cancer Research UK and Britain’s Channel 4 for a broadcast that raised about $11.5 million dollars from viewers October 19 in London.


Some of the proceeds from the 2010 KWF show went toward a Dutch translational research grant, with the balance added to money raised in 2011 to fund this, the first full-fledged Dutch Dream Team. Proceeds from 2012’s broadcast will be announced in several weeks.


The application deadline is April 10 -- incidentally the final day of AACR’s Annual meeting, held this year in Washington, DC, and recipients will be announced in the fall.


The four-year grant is for a translational cancer research project addressing critical problems in patient care and delivering near-term patient benefit through investigation by a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional team of expert investigators, according to a news release, which noted that projects:

  • Must be designed to accelerate the application of new preventive, diagnostic, or therapeutic agents to the clinic;
  • May focus on particular organ sites or on specialized research areas;
  • Must describe how the work will be translated into the clinic; and
  • Should span multiple disciplines and use modern biological tools to attack research questions in a coordinated way.

In addition project leaders must be from a research institute located in the Netherlands; although co-leaders can be from research institutes in any country; and each project must include at least two institutes in the Netherlands and at least one outside the Netherlands, with a minimum of half of the funds allocated to research conducted in the Netherlands. Up to eight institutions can be involved.


AACR will work with the Dutch Cancer Society on this project, with a Joint Scientific Advisory Committee, chaired by Arnold J. Levine, PhD along with vice-chair Emile E. Voest, MD, PhD and two other distinguished scientists, evaluating applications and making recommendations on the final grant recipients.


SU2C President and CEO Sung Poblete, PhD, RN, and Kathleen Lobb, a Stand Up co-founder and Senior Vice President of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, the nonprofit that oversees SU2C, said in a telephone interview that KWF was the perfect partner for Stand Up because of the “spectacular science” in the Netherlands and the fact that fundraising for cancer research was well established there since KWF was the largest nonprofit in the Netherlands based on money raised.


“We’re hoping that scientists in the United States and elsewhere will reach out to their Dutch counterparts to submit proposals fostering international collaboration,” said Sung.


Lobb pointed out that the Dutch effort had a sports-outreach connection parallel to Stand Up’s grassroots relationship with Major League Baseball in the United States.


“The weekend before their TV show every professional soccer stadium stood up against cancer in the Netherlands, with personal speeches taking place at the center of the playing field just before the start of the game,” she said.


Proposals for Sta Op Tegen Kanker Dream Team Translational Cancer Research projects are due by April 10 via proposalCENTRAL (the e-grantmaking site shared by many government, nonprofit, and private grant-making organizations) at


General information on eligibility criteria, the application process, and other details about this new Dream Team grant are available at Inquiries may be directed to the Scientific Review and Grants Administration Department at (267) 765-1049 or