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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Use Social Media for Your Practice

What others do successfully is undoubtedly an inspiration for our own initiatives or ideas.  This certainly applies throughout all areas of life.


Yet in the areas of technology and social media, the application of this concept is magnified twenty-fold.  The new gadgets people push in front of us can be as intimidating as anything if we don’t know how to use them.  It’s the reason people shy away from social media, the reason they hang onto those old flip phones (no offense, if that’s you). 


Before we embrace something new, it often requires someone to walk us through those new smartphone features or requires us taking time to read through some examples of what others have written or done in social media.


So here is one solid example you can use to answer that age-old question – ok, maybe it’s only a few years old, but that’s like ages now – of “How can I use social media?


This article from CRM Magazine highlights Cleveland Clinic’s advances into social media.  It includes not only basic presences on Twitter and Facebook, but also live chats each month about a variety of topics. Ultimately, the goals are to become a resource for meaningful information and make the organization and its physicians more accessible – as well as gain new patients, of course. 


Yet “regardless of…people’s status as paying customers,” the impact of the information shared makes a difference – some transcripts the hospital posts get thousands of views.


Certainly, the staff has to structure its chats to be mindful of privacy and confidentiality requirements, which it appears they’ve been successful with.  Perhaps you can use this as inspiration to leverage social media for your own practice or organization?


Think about how it could establish your expertise in your therapeutic area, and think about the positive impact on your practice if even only a handful of the people you connect with convert to new patients.