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NCORP Updates from Mike Thompson

News about the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research Program.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New updates on upcoming meetings, technology, the NCI MATCH study, and Cancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)


The NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) is a national network of cancer care investigators, providers, academia, and other organizations that care for diverse populations in the health system. 


There has been a consolidation of NCI (@theNCI) cooperative groups into the new NCTN including ECOG-ACRIN (@EAOnc, #EAOnc), SWOG (@SWOG, #SWOGOnc), Alliance (@ALLIANCE_org, #AllianceNCTN), NRG (@NRGOnc, #NRGOncology), COG, as well as the University of Rochester and Wake Forest (ref: The NCORP integrates prior networks (NCCCP & CCOP) into one new program.


Current NCORP sites are shown here:


Links for the NCTN research bases are as follows:

-- Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology:

-- COG:


-- NRG:

-- SWOG:


A few short updates since my last post:


NCORP resources

Twitter hashtags: #CCDR, #NCORP

#NCORP Hashtag Influencers, Transcript & Analytics via @symplur

New NCORP Link:



Upcoming NCTN/NCORP 2015 meetings

OT Full listing of conferences:

4/29-5/2 - SWOG 

4/30-5/2 - ECOG-ACRIN

5/13-16 - Alliance    

7/15-19 - NRG (combined NSABP, RTOG, GOG)

8/27-28 - NCORP Annual Meeting at NCI

9/10-12 - URCC (University of Rochester Cancer Center)

10/6-9 - COG 

10/15-17 Wake Forest 


If there are others, please comment below to let us know and we’ll add them to the list.


Technology to Share Information

ECOG-ACRIN has introduced a free Mobile Conferencing App for the Spring 2015 meeting, via the EventPilot Conference App. As described from the notice: 


Special features:

·   View the current schedule of sessions and receive automatic updates of changes

·   Browse sessions by Day, Track or Session Chair

·   Locate your session room on the interactive map

·   Connect directly to our Group Meeting website for additional info.


Additional features available after logging into the app (by creating a username and password of your choice):

·   Create your own customized schedule

·   Take personal notes on sessions

·   Post public comments about each session

·   And more.


To install the free app on your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android Tablet:

·    Search the Apple App store or the Google Play store for  “EventPilot”

·    Install “EventPilot Conference App”

·    When prompted, enter the following as the event code: ECOG-ACRIN Spring 2015


Contact information:  [email protected]



The EAY131-NCI MATCH--Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice--is not yet activated, but is anticipated to start soon. This study, headed by Peter O'Dwyer, MD, may eventually involve more than 40 drugs from a variety of sponsors. At study activation approximately nine drugs would be available. This study covers solid tumors and lymphoma. The NCI central IRB will be utilized. NCI MATCH includes in parallel 31 Phase II clinical trials, with response rate as the primary endpoint (5% vs. 25%).


Cancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)

CCDR was discussed in a previous post.

There are currently no CCDR activated in the NCORP.

They are under development and are highly anticipated including from the research bases such as URCC and Wake Forest. The NCI CCDR Steering Committee is operative and has completed its first concept review. It meets once per month and is designed to provide robust scientific peer review for CCDR studies and to set strategic scientific priorities for CCDR. It is the new Steering Committee -- one of 17 disease and non-disease peer view committees.


The launching of the NCI Division of Cancer Prevention's Central IRB (CIRB) has launched. This will cover NCORP studies. That should improve efficiency and hopefully decrease the heterogeneity of IRB reviews (REF: