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Oncology's top experts share their perspectives, opinions, and concerns about the field's most pressing issues covered in recent OT articles-originally featured in our iPad editions.

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Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 5:24

Andrew Zelenetz, MD, PhD, Chief of the Lymphoma Service and Vice Chair of Medical Informatics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, tells OT how oncologists there are training a computer to understand and compare big data sets…

Here’s why he says that work will help cancer patients at MSKCC and beyond.

Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 3:15

David E. Weissman, MD, founded the Palliative Care Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin, serves as Director of the Medical School Palliative Care Education Project, and is also Co-Director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care’s initiative to help oncs meet revised standards of care (Improving Palliative Care—Outpatients [OPAL-OP]).

Listen to what he told OT are the trends in palliative care he sees in practice.

Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 7:01

Alen Voskanian, MD—Innovation Advisor to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services—describes the CMS project to test new payment and service delivery models.

He shared with OT the key clinical implications for oncologists and the whole cancer care team.

Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 4:38
Timothy Birdsall, ND, Chief Medical Information Officer at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, tells OT what goes into making the more than 300 chemotherapy order sets there.

Listen to why he says it’s not easy…
Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 4:05
Steven Wood, PhD, Healthgrades VP, explains the health care ratings company’s survey findings that reveal what cancer patients said were the top three most important factors in their treatment experiences.
Creator: Sarah DiGiulio
Duration: 4:39
Mikkael A. Sekeres, MD, MS—who’s co-chairing the unique initiative to bolster research for the rare disease—explains what’s on the agenda and who’s involved.

Hear what he told OT about the $16-million, five-year plan.
Creator: Sarah DiGiulio
Duration: 2:55
Patricia A. Ganz, MD, explains why implementing standards for survivorship care is just as important as other patient education efforts on the cancer care trajectory.

Hear what Ganz, coauthor of the IOM’s landmark Survivorship Report, told OT.
Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 4:36
George W. Sledge, Jr., MD—a CancerLinQ Advisory Group member—explains how the rapid learning system will affect day-to-day oncology.

Listen to what Sledge told OT Contributing Writer and “Practice Matters” blogger Lola Butcher.
Creator: Sarah DiGiulio
Duration: 3:43
Richard L. Schilsky, MD—who’s led ASCO’s charge in urging Congress to take notice of the increasing scarcities of needed cancer drugs—discusses the three big ways the shortages affect the cancer care community.

Hear what Schilsky, now ASCO’s Chief Medical Officer, told OT.
Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 9:37
Lowell E. Schnipper, MD, Chair of ASCO’s Cost of Care Taskforce and Chief of Hematology/Oncology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, explains which procedures made ASCO’s “Top Five” list of unnecessary oncology services—part of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s “Choosing Wisely” campaign.

Hear his discussion with OT Contributing Writer and “Practice Matters” blogger Lola Butcher.
Creator: Sarah DiGiulio
Duration: 14:25
Clifford A. Hudis, MD, Chief of the Breast Cancer Medicine Service of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and ASCO’s 2012-2013 President-Elect, explains why face-to-face networking and in-person meetings are important to oncology research, despite faster ways of information sharing.

Hear what he told OT Assistant Editor Sarah DiGiulio.
Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 7:59
Thomas L. Whittaker, MD, Immediate Past President of the Association of Community Cancer Centers, explains the implications of survey results that show most oncologists expect to be practicing in an oncology medical home or accountable care org within the next five years.

Hear his discussion with OT Contributing Writer and “Practice Matters” blogger Lola Butcher.
Creator: Sarah DiGiulio
Duration: 3:07
William Breitbart, MD, Acting Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, explains how a cancer experience can change an individual’s sense of meaning and identity—and the psychotherapy intervention programs he developed.

Hear his discussion with OT Assistant Editor Sarah DiGiulio.
Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 9:18

Steven Schroeder, MD, Chairman of the newly formed National Commission on Physician Payment Reform, discusses the commission’s upcoming report on how physicians are paid and what pay incentives mean to patient care—and how oncologists can contribute their thoughts.

Hear his chat with OT Contributing Writer and “Practice Matters” blogger Lola Butcher.

Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 23:03
Thomas J. Smith, MD, Professor of Oncology and Director of Palliative Care at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, explains the benefits of making palliative care part of standard oncology care for patients—and the research behind it. Hear Smith’s discussion with OT Contributing Writer and “Practice Matters” blogger Lola Butcher.
Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 2:48
Steven Tucker, MD, a prostate cancer specialist, discusses “competitive mortality”—how understanding the other conditions in addition to cancer, like chronic disease, old age, and diabetes, that influence a patient’s risk of death improves care overall. Hear Tucker speaking with OT Contributing Writer and “Practice Matters” blogger Lola Butcher. And, read more about the new mortality-index website, ePrognosis, Tucker uses to compare geriatric prognosis indices in the full article.
Creator: Lola Butcher (OT columnist)
Duration: 2:31
Matt Brow, U.S. Oncology’s top public policy official, breaks down the details of the Medicare Shared Savings Program—the federal government’s final rule on making the accountable care organization model part of Medicare. Brow is the Vice President of Communications in Government and Relations & Public Policy for McKesson Specialty Care Solutions, the parent company of U.S. Oncology.
Creator: Lola Butcher
Duration: 8:52
Reginald Williams II, an Avalere Health Director, discusses his organization’s analysis of how the oncology landscape may be the next topic of scrutiny for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Four topics may be ripe for national coverage decisions: lung and prostate cancer screenings, localized prostate cancer treatments, therapies to manage non-small-cell lung cancer, and pharmacogenomic testing for breast and colon cancers. Hear Williams’ discussion with OT Contributing Writer and “Practice Matters” blogger, Lola Butcher.