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​​Patient Handouts

Oncology Times offers helpful handouts on a wide-range of oncology topics. Print, post, and share with colleagues and patients.​

  • Minimizing Delays​: It is important to be proactive and help patients overcome emotional obstacles to reporting symptoms. Here's a handout to supplement your efforts to minimize patient delays.
  • Your Genetic Inheritance​​: Help your patients whose cancer maybe hereditary understand what's involved in genetic testing.
  • Your Mutation: This handout answers common questions and concerns that may arise when a patient finds out they have a genetic mutation.
  • Minor Symptoms in Long-Term Survivors​: Long-term survivors may experience distress while deciding what to do about minor symptoms. Help minimize their distress—and the risk of delayed diagnoses—with this patient handout.
  • Counseling With an Oncology Social Worker:​ Social workers can make a world of difference in the life of a patient.​ If you see a patient in need, this handout can supplement your recommendations to consult a social worker. 
  • Healing Hopes​: As a survivor, my life changed for the better after I began focusing my attention on healing hopes—specific hopes that help me get good care and live as fully as possible. This patient handout offers a practical approach to hope.​
  • Maximizing Resilience:​ This quality helps patients through and beyond cancer treatment. This handout encourages patients to think about resilience in new ways and take steps to build resilience.
  • Understanding Promising Unproven Cancer Therapies: ​Help your patients understand what promising-but-unproven therapies​ offer—and don't offer— to determine whether they are options that should be considered.
  • Coping With Losing Things: Insights and tips for dealing with the common symptom of losing things more than usual.