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​​Patient Handouts

Oncology Times offers helpful handouts on a wide-range of oncology topics. Print, post, and share with colleagues and patients.​

  • Making Wise Decisions During the Pandemic The Covid-19 pandemic affects your daily decisions as a patient. Armed with answers to common questions about Covid-19, you can make the best decisions for getting through this crisis as safely as possible.
  • Managing the Stress of the Covid-19 PandemicThis patient handout may help in your efforts to both calm their anxiety and encourage them to take appropriate precautions. You can update the information as the situation evolves and our understanding of the virus improves.
  • The Healing Power of a New Normal for Now: This handout introduces the updated term new normal for now and discusses the ideas behind it. Helping patients create a new normal for now can help them regain a sense of control and nourish hope for a better tomorrow. 
  • Minimizing Delays​: It is important to be proactive and help patients overcome emotional obstacles to reporting symptoms. Here's a handout to supplement your efforts to minimize patient delays.
  • Your Genetic Inheritance​​: Help your patients whose cancer maybe hereditary understand what's involved in genetic testing.
  • Your Mutation: This handout answers common questions and concerns that may arise when a patient finds out they have a genetic mutation.
  • Minor Symptoms in Long-Term Survivors​: Long-term survivors may experience distress while deciding what to do about minor symptoms. Help minimize their distress—and the risk of delayed diagnoses—with this patient handout.
  • Counseling With an Oncology Social Worker:​ Social workers can make a world of difference in the life of a patient.​ If you see a patient in need, this handout can supplement your recommendations to consult a social worker. 
  • Healing Hopes​: As a survivor, my life changed for the better after I began focusing my attention on healing hopes—specific hopes that help me get good care and live as fully as possible. This patient handout offers a practical approach to hope.​
  • Maximizing Resilience:​ This quality helps patients through and beyond cancer treatment. This handout encourages patients to think about resilience in new ways and take steps to build resilience.
  • Understanding Promising Unproven Cancer Therapies: ​Help your patients understand what promising-but-unproven therapies​ offer—and don't offer— to determine whether they are options that should be considered.
  • Coping With Losing Things: Insights and tips for dealing with the common symptom of losing things more than usual. 
  • Decision Making & Palliative Care: A handout to dispel common myths and to reinforce that palliative care helps patients maintain control over the decision making.
  • Palliative Care: A handout that summarizes facts patients and families need to know about palliative care.