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ASCO 2019

Your Opportunity to Enhance Research & Patient Care

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The theme for this year's ASCO Annual Meeting, Caring for Every Patient, Learning From Every Patient, reflects the dedication of ASCO and the oncology community to foster an environment of learning and discovery.

“Every patient deserves equal access to the highest quality care and the opportunity to participate in research,” according to ASCO. “The 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting will focus on a unique global exchange of information on how to drive progress and expand the reach of quality care for all patients.”

On May 31, thousands of oncologists and cancer care providers will arrive in Chicago to take part in ASCO's Annual Meeting. This 5-day event is an opportunity for learning, debate, and networking among researchers and clinicians at the forefront of discovery. Are you ready to take advantage of all that ASCO 2019 has to offer?

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Program Highlights

With more than 6,200 abstract submissions from researchers around the world, there is no shortage of cutting-edge research presented during the conference with a variety of focuses.

This year's meeting boasts more than 250 oral presentations, over 2,200 poster presentations, and 480 educational presentations led by experts from 23 different countries.

Given the abundance of opportunities, it is important to take time beforehand to determine what sessions you consider a “can't miss.” To help you narrow down your search, here are a few of the sessions you will have the chance to attend.

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Plenary Sessions

  • Abstract LBA1: An analysis of electronic health records looking at the relationship between the Affordable Care Act-related Medicaid expansion and racial disparities in receiving timely cancer treatment
  • Abstract LBA2: A randomized, phase III trial evaluating the impact of adding enzalutamide to standard initial treatment for metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer
  • Abstract LBA3: A randomized, phase III trial comparing olaratumab plus doxorubicin versus doxorubicin alone for patients with advanced soft tissue sarcomas
  • Abstract LBA4: A randomized, phase III trial exploring maintenance therapy with the PARP inhibitor olaparib among people with pancreatic cancer who had an inherited BRCA gene mutation
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Learning for Physicians & the Community

ASCO 2019 showcases a variety of topics geared to helping the physician working in private practice and community-based clinicians. Highlights include:

  • Academic-Community Partnerships: Approaches to Engagement
  • Overcoming Unique Obstacles to Implementing Precision Medicine Trials in the Community Setting
  • The Elephant in the Room: Addressing Depression and Suicide Among Oncology Providers
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes: Expanding From Plenary to Everyday Practice
  • Perspectives in Oncology Utilization Management: Using Collaboration Rather Than Confrontation
  • Tele-Oncology: Beyond the Basics
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Looking for some healthy debates? Don't miss these sessions, which offer perspectives from experts on a variety of important oncology topics.

  • Do We De-intensify Treatment for HPV-Positive Oropharynx Cancer Now? And How?
  • Does the Bar for Oncology Drug Approval Affect Quality of Care/Life?
  • Proton Versus Photon in Radiation Therapy
  • Duration of Therapy in Indolent Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
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Professional Development

Attendees interested in career development will find these educational opportunities excellent resources to learn and grow as an oncologist.

  • Tweets, Chats, and Posts: Using Social Media to Transcend Boundaries and Create Opportunities for Patients
  • Workshop: Enhancing Cultural Literacy in Oncology: Strategies for Delivery of High-Quality Cancer Care
  • Continued Professional Engagement and Personal Fulfillment for Clinicians After Full-Time Practice
  • Establishing a Mutually Respectful Environment in the Workplace
  • Meet the Professors: How to Write an Outstanding Manuscript
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Connecting at ASCO

In addition to the wealth of research and educational opportunities, ASCO 2019 fosters an environment of connection and collaboration. This conference gives you the chance to network with colleagues from around the world whose expertise spans the specialties.

ASCO makes it easy to share ideas and build the foundation for future relationships and collaborations with a plethora of networking avenues.

  • Women's Networking Center: Gather, discuss, and attend interactive panel discussions related to issues that affect women in oncology.
  • Publishing Lounge: Authors, editors, editorial board members, and reviewers can use this space to network with colleagues.
  • Trainee & Early Career Oncologist Member Lounge: Open to medical students, residents, fellows, early-career oncologists within 3 years post-training, and Oncology Training Program Directors who are ASCO members.
  • Lakeside Lounge: This area is a place to charge your devices, grab a bite to eat, watch ASCO TV, and take advantage of Podcast Listening Stations while connecting with fellow attendees.
  • Reserve A Networking Table: Do you already have plans to connect with a colleague? This allows you to reserve a space to meet and discuss ideas.
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Join Oncology Times in Chicago!

We will be providing live updates throughout #ASCO19. Follow us on Twitter (@OncologyTimes) and don't miss the latest discoveries in the field!

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Attendee Perspectives on ASCO 2019 Highlights

“From my personal perspective as a cancer researcher, I am very interested in data on novel biomarkers predicting response to existing and upcoming immunotherapy options, and the role of combination therapies to advance the field further (e.g., chemotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors, or targeted therapy and immunotherapy combinations). In addition, the development of new CAR T-cell therapies beyond hematological malignancies is an emerging topic, particularly focused in mesothelin-directed CAR T cells (Meso-CAR therapy). Lastly, it is great seeing the results of multiple arms of basket targeted therapy trials being reported, including ASCO TAPUR, which we offer at each of our five comprehensive care and research centers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA).”

— Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla, MD, MSEd, FACP, Vice Chair, CTCA Department of Medical Oncology

“In terms of data, I am looking forward to learning new things and particular data of note, includes BRAF targeting data in colorectal cancer (LBA3506), DNA damage repair targeting approaches (LBA4), adjuvant chemotherapy duration for high-risk stage II colon cancer (Abstracts 3500, 3501), adjuvant therapy for pancreatic cancer (Abstract 4000), and KRAS G12C targeting drugs (Abstract 3003).”

— Patrick Boland, MD, Assistant Professor of Oncology. Department of Medicine/GI Center, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

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