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Protecting A Woman's Heart

Brown, Sherry-Ann MD, PhD

Oncology Times 41(9):p 37, May 5, 2019. | DOI: 10.1097/01.COT.0000558230.97850.ab
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∗The Breast Cries∗

Oh, my love.

I am grieved that I hurt you.

I am supposed to protect you.

Not injure you.

I am outside of you.

I am over you.

I am around you.

I am to shield you.

Yet the cancer cells in me

Are so unrelenting.

I need surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

I don't mean to hurt you,

With the rays and the potions.

∗The Heart Cries∗

No, my love.

When you see the hurt in me,

It is because I reach out

And wrap myself around you,

To protect you.

I cannot myself take the cancer from you,

But I can wrap myself around you

To hold and comfort you.

And shield you from the damage

Of radiation and chemotherapy.

I know the rays and potions

Are meant to cure you,

But I know they can also hurt

The healthy parts of you.

If you hurt I hurt,

If you heal I heal.

I don't want you to hurt alone.

It is my honor to hurt with you.

It is my honor to hurt for you.

∗The Breast Responds∗

No, my love.

Do not hurt for me.

Do not hurt with me.

Let me hurt without you,

For my hurt is temporary,

And I will heal.

I fear your hurt is irreversible,

And you may not heal.

If I cannot protect you,

Let me introduce you

To someone who will.

∗The Heart Responds∗

Yes, my love.

Introduce me.

Let me meet

Our cardio-oncologist.

Show me the way

To our preventive cardiologist.

Show me a most excellent way

To protect a woman's heart.

SHERRY-ANN BROWN, MD, PHD, is Fellow of Cardiovascular Diseases and Instructor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Sherry-Ann Brown, MD, PhD:
Sherry-Ann Brown, MD, PhD
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