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Poetry by Cancer Caregivers

Simone, Joseph V. MD

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000457043.97122.5a
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Submissions are welcome from oncologists, oncology nurses, and other cancer caregivers. E-mail only, please, to: [email protected], and include affiliation/title, address, and phone number, along with a photo, if available.

My Sweetheart

When you smile your eyes

Become happy commas

Printed on a sunbeam.

Whenever you cry your face

Cracks like a broken mirror

Reflecting your pain.

Old Coffee

Coffee bitter on the tongue

Caramelized by sitting on

A hot plate all day long.

Cream and sugar added do not

Stanch the growling acid gut.

Caffeine habit pours the cup

Contra taste or thirst or thought.


They say a leader plays chess,

moving his pieces to attack and

defend the king's fame and profit,

sacrificing men to gain position.

So complex, so many possible moves,

and yet, the field of battle is rigidly 8X8,

each piece with precise, immutable power

and unshakable allegiance

against the enemy.

But a leader of men plays the game

on shifting squares

where men waver with each move and

play their independent games,

multiplying the possibilities infinitely.

Still, the game is the same either way.

The leader cleverly probes foundations,

plucking at the guy wires' stability and

torching the field to test his team's mettle...

and testing his own will.

Joseph V. Simone, MD, who writes OT's popular and award-winning “Simone's OncOpinion” column and as well as “Joe's Career Blog,” has long had a love of poetry, both in reading and appreciating the work of others, and in writing his own.

Joseph V. Simone, MD. Joseph V. Simone, MD
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