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Vivid Red Blood Cell Images Shine in Dramatic Display at the Meeting

Carlson, Robert H.

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000444054.38386.4b

NEW ORLEANS—An eye-popping presentation of moving, brilliantly colored red blood cells dominated the opening screens at the plenary and the other large sessions here at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting.

The dramatic display was a joint effort between ASH and Audio Visual Management Group (AVMG) of Richardson, Texas.

Jim Holt, AVMG President and CEO, said in an interview at the meeting that AVMG artists and ASH hematology researchers wanted to create full-motion graphics of red blood cells as might be seen under a microscope.



“It was a total collaboration between ASH and AVMG that came out of numerous pre-production meetings. They gave us ideas, we gave them ideas of how to accomplish it, and we landed with what was seen as the final product.

The fabric screen, 250 feet wide, was stretched over 30-foot-high trusses along the wall.

AVMG software designers used proprietary pixel mapping to seamlessly blend high-definition images, projected onto the screen from 14 projectors hanging high above the stage.

The company's corporate slogan is “Making You Shine.” Holt said 25 AVMG technicians were in the Hall F at the meeting, producing the audio and the television images of speakers and slides, and maintaining the big screen show.

AVMG specializes in audiovisual displays for major medical association meetings and conventions. Holt said this is the largest visual display ever used at a medical meeting, and that other associations are already asking about the display—“ASH has set the bar pretty high.”

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