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New Cancer Networking Site

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000407166.40328.d2


“IHad Cancer” ( is a new social networking site designed to help connect anyone touched by cancer with others. Users can post individual profiles, use the site as a blog, and connect with others to offer support and share experiences with others who either currently have or have had similar questions, problems, and concerns. The user community can be searched in various ways—for example, by location, age, gender, type of cancer, type of user, and year of diagnosis—with the aim of being able to find someone else who can identify with particular experiences.

The site was the idea of Mailet Lopez, who was diagnosed in March 2008 at age 33 with invasive ductal carcinoma, who then teamed with the Squeaky Wheel Media company in New York City to bring the site to fruition.

The site, “a network for Cancer Fighters, Survivors, and Supporters,” is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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