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POETRY BY CANCER CAREGIVERS: Waiting for the Final Report

Lynch, Douglas W. MD; Laudenschlager, Mark MD

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000388589.37961.79


The pathologist reviews the final slide

The correct diagnosis trying to hide

The case sent off for expert review

Hoping the diagnosis comes into view

The case was shown to the entire cohort

And the pathologist waits for the final report

The family supporting their beloved relative

Wondering how much longer they have to live

Alarming news is all they can hear

With a poor prognosis their biggest fear

Through their lives they begin to sort

As they are waiting for the final report

The patient lies in the hospital bed

Contemplating the things that need to be said

The patient downplays all of his fears

As he sees his family's falling tears

But the truth he can no longer contort

As he lays waiting for the final report

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