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Ode to Hospice Care

RN, Mary OH

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000356961.29361.02

You step off the elevator and it's eerily silent

You think there's no one there

Then the aide rushes by, going from one room to the next—

And so it goes with hospice care

Here on the 6th floor it's calm and quiet

But that's deceptive—there's a lot going on

There's so much that needs to be done

To help these people before they're gone

Mr. B. in room 618 needs help going to the bathroom

Mrs. T. in room 611 wants to finish her breakfast now

Mrs. W. in room 612 is restless and in pain

The nurses and aide rush to help them out

The aide lifts Mr. P. up in bed with the strength of a bodybuilder

And bathes Mrs. L. with the grace of a ballerina

With quickness and precision she gently completes morning care

And now these people couldn't be any cleaner

The nurse clears out an impacted bowel

She applies a Duoderm patch to a bedsore

She gives pain meds as soon as they're requested

And tells the doctor Mr. E. slept straight through ‘til four

Mouth care has been done

Lotion has been applied

Hands have been held

When loved ones have cried

The families of those who have passed through here

All know these caregivers are there when duty calls

They appreciate the things that were done for their loved ones

…You can tell by all the thank you's that line the walls

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