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The Need to Match

Steinberg, Amir MD

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000346048.59477.3f

The disease was uncontrolled

It must be attacked!

The chemo did not work

There was something it lacked

We looked for a donor

First we tried the brother

And lucky for the patient

They matched each other

The patient was admitted

He got chemo once more

This time heavy duty

And rotten to the core

The sibling was injected

For stem cells to increase

He complained about bone pain

Will it ever cease!?

But his marrow did the job

He had stem cells galore!

The patient got them that day

On the fourth floor

Then we watched and waited

Blood counts dropped first

Followed by a fever

And concern for the worst

He received antibiotics

And pain meds for his aches

His sores got better

As did all the shakes

His counts recovered

He was homeward bound!

Now he's recovering!

Because a match was found!


A year passes on

Our patient's doing great

No evidence of cancer

His recovery first rate

The patient has support

And great medical care

But we owe it to the brother

And the genes they did share

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