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Good Morning Whispers

Ibitayo, Kristina RN, MSN

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000345500.42536.80

Good morning whispers,

Whispers of love:

A kiss on the cheek

And a whisper in his ear,

Good morning, Dad.

Good morning.

Every Wednesday night

I'd kiss him goodbye,

See you Friday, Daddy-O.

See you Friday.

Whispers of love.

The week before his last Friday,

I kissed Dad goodbye,

Promising him hello whispers

Immediately upon return.

Propped up in bed,

Dad gripped my hand

And said, I'll hold you

To that promise.

Whispers of love.

Good Morning, Daddy-O,

Good Morning,

I whispered

The Friday before his last.

One Friday later, on March 7,

I put my lips to his ear

For the last time,

Good morning whispers.

Goodbye Daddy,


Whispers of love.

Good morning, my son.

Whispers of love.

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