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Foreman, Heidi RN, OCN

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000326181.95959.60
Poetry By Cancer Caregivers

The world of poetry is a means of expression and source of comfort for many who care for cancer patients. We welcome submissions from oncologists, oncology nurses, oncology pharmacists, and other cancer caregivers. E-mail only, please, to:, and include your affiliation/title, address, and phone number, along with a photo, if available.

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For Herb

I think I saw your heaven today

I saw it in your eyes

Another door is opening

And waiting for you to come inside.

I saw a kind of peace

A different kind of light

I felt a warmth inside

That tells me it'll be alright.

I see the sadness

In your loved one's faces

It's hard for them to hide

But I know they'll be accepting

When the angels become your guide.

And you'll once again be healthy

You'll once again be free

To ride off into the sunset

On a horse up in the sky.

And you'll go on living forever

In the hearts and minds of those

You touched along the way

Your smile, your laugh and kindness

Will never go away.

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For Barbara

She came in today

Just for a shot

A quick and easy thing, I thought

I noticed her gait

Right away

Something isn't right, I thought

There's weakness

And more pain

I think I have a pinched nerve, she thought

I put on my brave face

And said

We need to get an MRI STAT

Her 8-year-old waited patiently

Not aware of the gravity

Of our thoughts

This God-damned disease

Can't take someone

So young, I thought

It's already sneaked into

Her liver and spine

Like a thief in the night

Taking bits and pieces

At a time

Making us wonder what's next

All we can do now

Is pray for a pinched

Nerve, I thought

So she left for the ER

With her son and her mom

And an anxious yet encouraging smile

And I left for home

With tears in my eyes

Not wanting to face what's to come

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