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Lynn Matrisian Transitions as Volunteer Co-Chair of TRWG to Part-Time Head of NCI Translational Research Group

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000317236.16949.54
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Lynn Matrisian, PhD, Chair of Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center's Department of Cancer Biology, is currently spending half her time in a newly created leadership position with the NCI's Translational Research Group.

Along with Johns Hopkins' William G. Nelson, MD, PhD, she had served as Co-chair of NCI's Translational Research Working Group (TRWG) for the last two years as a non-NCI employee.

During a telephone interview Dr. Matrisian said there was no connection between the current changes in the SPORE program and the implementation of the TRWG.

“I need to work with representatives with the SPOREs regardless of which NCI division they are housed in, and that's the nice thing about what I'm doing—it's not restricted to any one division, it's the whole NCI. So it really doesn't matter from my perspective whether it's in what was the OCTR or now the DCTD—it's still the SPORE program.”

Dr. Matrisian said she was planning a trans-NCI translational research meeting in November, which would wrap in the summer SPOREs meeting, and include input from the extramural community that would be presenting its research.

Regarding the SPORE executive committee, she said she hadn't had any direct interaction with the members yet and she didn't know how they were selected or what their responsibility was—only that Dr. Niederhuber talks with them on a monthly basis.


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