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Jordan, Lydia RN

doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000297234.30011.78

Lydia Jordan, RN, is an infusion nurse at Texas Cancer Center-Mesquite.

The world of poetry is a means of expression and source of comfort for many who care for cancer patients. We welcome submissions from oncologists, oncology nurses, oncology pharmacists, and other cancer caregivers. E-mail only, please,, and include your affiliation/title, address, and phone number, along with a photo, if available.

Just because we are comfortable caring for cancer patients…

does not mean you are comfortable having cancer.

Just because we've done this education a thousand times…

it's still the first time you've heard these drug names and medical terms.

Just because we've given you nausea, pain and anemia medications…

does not change the fact you are still so sick and tired to go to work, the store, church, or spend time with family or friends.

Just because we tell you after your treatment things will be back to normal…

every time you cough, have a new ache, or feel a bump you'll wonder,

“Is it back?”

Just because you finished your therapy, became a survivor or your life on this earth concluded…

does not mean we do not think of you, remember you, miss you.

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