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“Addresses the “Working Harder and Earning Less Challenge” that Urologists Face”

doi: 10.1097/

Mark L. Harrison, MD, Urorad's Chairman and CEO, wrote about the company's concept in an article in Inside Urology News, a publication of International Urology Network, the second largest of the eight networks of International Physician Networks:

“The synergy that is obtained from the integration of IMRT services into the urology practice can substantially increase a urology practice's revenues and the individual income of each physician within the practice,” he wrote

“This integration and new way of maintaining revenue in the practice clearly and significantly addresses the ‘working harder and earning less challenge’ that urologists face.



“Generally speaking, urology practices that utilize IMRT centers employ or contract with a radiation oncologist to provide the professional patient services necessary for IMRT treatment.

“The urology practice bills Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party payers for all IMRT services provided to its patients…. Through the integration of IMRT services, urology practices can increase their practice revenue, which will preserve their ability to continue doing what they truly enjoy, utilizing their many years of training and experience to practice medicine as they initially envisioned, less encumbered by the financial challenges they face in today's medical environment.”

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