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Aspirin Use to Prevent Preeclampsia and Related Morbidity and Mortality: US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement

US Preventive Services Task Force; Davidson, K.W.; Barry, M.J.; More

Obstetric Anesthesia Digest. 42(2):59-60, June 2022.

Quantifying the Incidence of Clinically Significant Respiratory Depression in Women With and Without Obesity Class III Receiving Neuraxial Morphine for Postcesarean Analgesia: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Ende, H.B.; Dwan, R.L.; Freundlich, R.E.; More

Obstetric Anesthesia Digest. 42(2):99, June 2022.

Tranexamic Acid for the Prevention of Blood Loss After Cesarean Delivery

Sentilhes, L.; Sénat, M.V.; Le Lous, M.; More

Obstetric Anesthesia Digest. 41(4):159, December 2021.

Practice Guidelines for Obstetric Anesthesia: An Updated Report by the American Society of Anesthesiologists Task Force on Obstetric Anesthesia and the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology

Updated by the American Society of Anesthesiologists Committee on Standards and Practice Parameters

Obstetric Anesthesia Digest. 36(4):176, December 2016.

Association of Peripartum Management and High Maternal Blood Loss at Cesarean Delivery for Placenta Accreta Spectrum (PAS): A Multinational Database Study

Schwickert, A.; van Beekhuizen, H.J.; Bertholdt, C.; More

Obstetric Anesthesia Digest. 42(1):39-40, March 2022.

PROSPECT Guideline for Elective Cesarean Section: Updated Systematic Review and Procedure-specific Postoperative Pain Management Recommendations

Roofthooft, E; Joshi, GP; Rawal, N; More

Obstetric Anesthesia Digest. 42(1):49-50, March 2022.

Preventing Preterm Births: Analysis of Trends and Potential Reductions With Interventions in 39 Countries With Very High Human Development Index

Chang, H.H.; Larson, J.; Blencowe, H.; More

Obstetric Anesthesia Digest. 34(1):16-17, March 2014.