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Price, Nutrition, Time, and Other Trade-Offs: A Web-Based Food Value Analysis Application to Compare Foods at Different Levels of Preparation and Processing

Muth, Mary K.; Karns, Shawn A.; Zmuda, Michal; More

Nutrition Today. 49(4):176-184, July/August 2014.

Roundtable Proceedings: The Role of Innate Sweet Taste Perception in Supporting a Nutrient-Dense Diet for Toddlers, 12 to 24 Months Old

Kleinman, Ronald E.; Greer, Frank; Cowart, Beverly J.; More

Nutrition Today. 52(2):S14-S24, March/April 2017.

Summit on Human Performance and Dietary Supplements Summary Report

Arensberg, Mary Elizabeth; Costello, Rebecca; Deuster, Patricia A.; More

Nutrition Today. 49(1):7-15, January/February 2014.

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