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Price, Nutrition, Time, and Other Trade-Offs: A Web-Based Food Value Analysis Application to Compare Foods at Different Levels of Preparation and Processing

Muth, Mary K.; Karns, Shawn A.; Zmuda, Michal; More

Nutrition Today. 49(4):176-184, July/August 2014.

Part 2: Theoretical Intakes of Modern-Day Paleo Diets: Comparison With Dietary Reference Intakes and MyPlate Meal Plans

Karlsen, Micaela C.; Livingston, Kara A.; Agoulnik, Dasha; More

Nutrition Today. 56(4):158-168, July/August 2021.

Preparation of Methodological Systematic Reviews in Nutrition Science: A Didactic Guide

Guimarães, Nathalia Sernizon; Fausto, Maria Arlene; de Menezes, Mariana Carvalho; More

Nutrition Today. 56(6):279-286, November/December 2021.