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March/April 2021 - Volume 56 - Issue 2

  • Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Spring!  If you are like me, I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking up after this crazy COVID 19 year still alive and ready to resume a full life, but still amazed at how much has changed.

Here are some updates on important issues in nutrition that may be helpful. We keep hearing about the COVID 19 as standing not for the pandemic but for the 19 pounds some people gained in the past year of lockdown. Weight gain is anathema for those with osteoarthritis, that is for sure, but there are plenty of remedies that are suggested for this painful condition. Brittany Smith MS, Kay Craven MPH RDN and Kathryn Kolasa PhD RDN lead the charge in examining these claims in the context of caring for a patient with osteoarthritis in their article on Diet and Osteoarthritis.  For those who need CE credits, there is a test.

Sweet taste is confusing. Not everything that is sweet has food energy associated with it, and yet sometimes it is assumed that eating sweet foods and beverages will inevitably lead to weight gain. The facts don't seem to support this however. Alison Karil PhD RD and Alissa Wilson PHD MPH RD summarize some of the most recent studies in their article on Sweet Taste Perceptions and Preferences— They may not be associated with food intakes and obesity.

Protein is in the spotlight and there are new ways of measuring protein quality. Maya Fussell, Allison Contillo MS RD Heidi Druehl BS RD and Nanacy Rodriguez PhD RD lead us through the ins and outs of Essential Amino Acid Density in their article. They show how this may make a difference in the diets of older women, a high-risk group.

We round out the issue with some very thoughtful pieces on current topics. Sylvia Rowe MA and Nick Alexander BA tackle transparency which sometimes isn't in health communications.

Low income countries have been hit hard by the pandemic. Our Iranian colleagues provide a very thoughtful piece on Nutrition in Caring for Pregnant Women During the COVID 19 Pandemic in Low Income countries . Shibin Amini PhD, Houra Mohseni MSc, Mojtaba Kalantar PhD and Rena Amani PhD  focus on pregnant women. This is something many countries need to take under consideration

We wind up with a nice case study by Alisha O'Regan MS RD and Kara Wolfe PhD on the Relationship between Individual Diet Quality and Food Waste.

Let's all hope 2021 is a safer year for all of us health wise and happy Spring.

Johanna Dwyer DSc,RD

Editor, Nutrition Today

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