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September/October 2019 - Volume 54 - Issue 5

  • Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
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Welcome to the Fall Issue of Nutrition Today!

We lead off with a splendid article by Dr. Hassan Dashti and Chandler Tucker on a Nutritionist’s Guide to Direct to Consumer Tests and Personal Nutrition. Personalized nutrition is a difficult area to navigate for all of us —- the ads over the internet seem to promise so much, and yet what is the reality? The authors help us to separate the wheat from the chaff on these vital issues. There is a CE exam for those who want to test what they’ve learned.

Food allergy is a problem and particularly for those who have children who suffer from these problems. They really have a terrible job navigating to provide for their child’s food wants and health needs. Ruth Charles is one of the leading nutritionists who works to give parents and caretakers help in doing this. She has distilled her experience in this article. 

Then we turn to nutrients. Magnesium is a nutrient which hasn’t received as much attention as its neighbor nutrients like calcium, selenium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Sisk Cao and her coauthors provide an excellent update on magnesium requirements in children with recommendations for reevaluation and comparison of evidence on this nutrient for adults. Let’s hope that this article starts a dialogue on magnesium. 

Speaking of nutrients, there is also an interesting article for those who want a deep dive on polymorphisms in folate enzymes involved in colon cancer by Maryam Gholiamalizeh and her colleagues.   

What about food? Denise Webb does a nice job of summarizing pasta’s history and role in healthful diets. It is a fascinating story and one you’ll enjoy reading. It also gives help in naming all the different kinds of pastas to choose from. 

Over the years we have looked at nutrition in sports and exercise. This month, Joseph Stanzione and one of our editorial board members, Dr Stella Volpe, take on nutrition considerations for wrestlers, looking at what they do and what they should be doing to optimize performance. 

Finally, an historical note. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health, which was a landmark event in the evaluation of food and health in the United States. I briefly summarize the highlights of the conference, what’s been accomplished, and what remains on the agenda for future action. 

Best wishes and good reading.

Johanna Dwyer DSc,RD

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