January/February 2018 - Volume 53 - Issue 1

  • Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
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Best wishes for a wonderful 2018!

We promise to keep you enticed with interesting pieces and this issue will start us off with a bang. Dr. Kathy Kolasa leads off this issue by shedding light on a very difficult issue for those of us who work in hospitals. She writes about creating and sustaining a healthy food environment in hospitals contracting with food service management companies. This is a difficult problem, but this article goes far ahead to provide tips on negotiating. While on the topic of food services, Deb Cohen MD, who did an earlier piece for us is back for an encore on helping to make food service operations in restaurants more healthful by lobbying for more realistic portion sizes. Her article on dietitians, food service practices and marketing strategies urges dietitians and other health professionals to advocate for more reasonable portion sizes. Next we focus on another hotly debated issue: GMO labeling. Our new columnist Dr. Dennis Saviano and his colleague write on a universal label for GMOs. After all that talk of food, it's enough to give you heartburn. And we have Dr. John McCrorie to help! He provides a perspective on lifestyle modifications and over the counter medications and heartburn. Then Andrea Grasso and our editorial board member Dr. Anne McDermott remind us about physical activity and exercise in a marvelous column emphasizing the foot, not the fork! We wind up with Dr. Mitch Kanter's report on high quality carbohydrates and physical performance followed by Dr. Dinsmore and colleagues on bay leaf, an ancient herb still in welcome in all of our kitchens. I send warm wishes and good reading during this cold winter.

Johanna Dwyer

Editor, Nutrition Today​

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