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September/October 2023 - Volume 58 - Issue 5

  • Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
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Published July/August 2023

Happy Fall Readers!

This issue's lead and continuing education article is an absolutely fascinating analysis on the Infant Formula Crisis of 2022 by Dr. Steve Abrams, a nationally renowned pediatrician and nutrition scientist. What he does that is so valuable is not only to explain what happened but what needs to happen to make sure it won't ever happen again. That will take a team effort by nutritionists, as well as government officials and the industry, but it can be done. For those who want CE credit, a test on the contents follows the article.

Turning from the nutrition of young infants, next up is an analysis led by Dr. Dennis Saviano and several of his students on one of several programs that aim to improve nutrition and other aspects of wellness in teenagers at the very time they need to learn to get along by their own devices and make wise decisions. The MATCH program is just one example. These programs need to be expanded and be integrated into the core curriculum of schools.

Nutritionists have much useful information to share with others and make them happy and healthy, but it isn't easy today to get people to believe what they are saying is true. Sylvia Rowe and Nick Alexander, our contributing editors, provide a great deal of insight into what is going on in a column entitled Communicating in an Era of Polarization. Some people just don't believe the truth, not matter who you are or what you say in this polarized environment. The nice thing about the column is that it actually provides some advice about how to deal with all the distrust. The short answers include using credible sources, respecting their culture and values, making sure that dialogues are two way conversations and not preaching, and many other practical steps. 

In this issue, the last in a series on the life and times of Dr. Doris Howes Calloway winds up with an article led by Mary Blackburn with some personal recollections of how and why she was such an exceptional role model for so many nationally-renowned female nutrition scientists today.

We wind up with a short contribution from our contributing editor. Sheila Fleishhacker reviews some past legislative relief measures and provides some useful resources if the doggoned bug makes another appearance in late 2023 or early 2024.

This month, Nutrition Today subscribers received a bonus issue of a whopping 250 pages entitled the McCormick science Institute's Compendium of the Health Benefits of Spices. It gathers in one place all of the wonderful articles our contributing editor Dr. Keith Singletary has contributed on culinary spices and herbs to Nutrition Today over more than a decade. There is an on-line version as well if you prefer that form.

Read on, friends!  Best regards.

Johanna Dwyer DSc,RD

Editor, Nutrition Today 

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