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March/April 2023 - Volume 58 - Issue 2

  • Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
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​Dear Readers,​

Well, it is Spring at last and welcome to it!  We have a great set of articles for you this month. A new series on sports and exercise begins with an excellent article by Megan Kulkman MSc, RD working with our editorial board member, Dr. Louise Burke and colleagues. It deals with the problem of low energy availability in athletes. Undereating is a major problem in some sports, and this article focuses on what the problems are and what to do about them.

A second exciting set of contributions also begins with editorial board member, Esther Myers PhD's team on Clearing up the Mystery of Food Allergy. This article provides the basics and in later issues we will delve more deeply into particulars.

We wind up our STEM series with an article on Dr. Doris Calloway, who was an exemplary administrator (including service as provost of the University of California at Berkeley) and leader in nutrition during the 20th century. Dr Janet King, a former student of Calloway, provides a perspective on what she learned from her mentor – lessons that have served her well in her very distinguished nutrition career. We wind up with an article on a spice I never knew existed, although I liked the taste it imparted! I am speaking of sumac, which is used in a lot of dishes in the Middle East. I think you will really enjoy these articles as well as the other news in this issue. Happy May Day!

Johanna Dwyer DSc, RD

Editor-in-Chief, Nutrition Today

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