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May/June 2019 - Volume 54 - Issue 3

  • Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
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At last the Spring is here!
I am particularly taken in this issue with "What’s right for me and my baby?," a commentary authored by Dr. Madeleine Sigman Grant. Madeleine has distilled advice from her many decades of counseling mothers about how best to feed their babies in those early months after birth. This sensitive and sincere treatment of the issue is welcome, and the kind of advice we should all be giving family and friends making these decisions. 

Next is an excellent article on Protein and Bone Health by Dr. Taylor Wallace. This is a solid and well referenced review on what protein does and various factors affecting our needs for it. He ventures into several controversial areas and does a nice job of covering the pros and cons.  
We continue with our series on cannabis in foods and dietary supplements with Drs Roger Clemens and Peter Pressman, in this second article. 
Drs Maurizio Bifulco, and coauthors Giuseppe Cerullo and Mario Abate provide their views on whether the Mediterranean diet pattern is a good choice for athletes, and if so, what modifications must be made. 

We conclude with a summary of a longer article on scientific integrity that included participants from over a dozen different scientific organizations who came together to develop this list of principles and actions to ensure scientific integrity of people and institutions 

Johanna Dwyer DSc,RD
Editor, Nutrition Today

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