November/December 2017 - Volume 52 - Issue 6

  • Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
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We have a wonderful issue for you to cap off the year. It focuses on some of the most important programs we have in our country to provide a nutrition safety net for our citizens. They are coming up for legislation in 2018. Who knew they are in what is called “the Farm Bill”!

We lead off the issue with a wonderful piece by Nancy Chapman, MPH, RD who is one of the few nutrition professionals who also knows Capitol Hill backward and forward. Her piece, entitled "Protecting Americans’ Food Security and Health: The Role of the Farm Bill" provides a primer for how to educate and lobby legislators on food and nutrition issues you care about.  

There’s a lot for consumers and for food security in the Farm Bill. Next up are two articles that delve deeply into these other dimensions of it. First is Mehreen Ismail MPH and Dr. Parke Wilde’s piece called "Beyond the Farm in Farm Bill: What Nutrition Professionals Need to Know About the Nutrition Title." There’s a CE test if you need professional credits along with this. That article is followed by Dr.Parke Wilde’s step by step review about the agricultural parts of the Farm Bill in his piece, "Farming and Food Production: What Nutrition Professionals Need to Know About the Agricultural Parts of the Farm Bill." There are a lot of issues that affect our country’s nutrition and its’ food supply. He does a great job of outlining the issues, the various sides in the debates now going on that will carry over into next year, and predicts some likely outcomes. Parke has a whole book on the topic of food policy and nutrition that is also well worth reading. 

Since it is the holiday season, those who are British think of Boxing Day, which is traditionally the day after Christmas in the United Kingdom. We turn to a different kind of boxing in a unique look at Nutrition and Boxing Performance by Dr. Alejandro Martinez-Rodriguez and his colleagues in Spain where boxing is popular. He describes some details of the sport and also some of the odd and potentially unhealthy nutrition practices boxers engage in before matches. Along with better head protection, they need to change!

As usual, our communications columnists provide sage advice for what to do now that those of us who are scientists are viewed less favorably than in days of yore. They provide tips for Communicating Health and Nutrition Information After the Death of Expertise.

We wind up the year with a look at a popular over the counter remedy that also is very high in fiber and used by some to lower serum cholesterol; psyllium. Dr. John McRorie and colleagues have a way of explaining gastrointestinal function that makes difficult-to-understand physiology and biochemistry easy to absorb. They explain why Psyllium Is Superior to Wheat Dextrin for Lowering Elevated Serum Cholesterol.

With every good wish for a healthy and very happy 2018!

Johanna Dwyer
Editor Nutrition Today

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