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September/October 2021 - Volume 56 - Issue 5

  • Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
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Dear Readers

Welcome to what I hope is a safer Fall for all of us in this second COVID 19 year, now that most of us (and I hope, eventually, all of us) are vaccinated!  September is back to school for many students and so it is fitting that several of our articles this month focus on communications issues.  Marianne Smith Edge and Mindy Hermann lead off with a thoughtful piece, “Bridging the Gap between Corporate Sustainability Commitments and Consumer Action." The article includes a nice analysis of who is doing what in the corporate world in this space, and how communications can help in creating a more sustainable food value chain. Sylvia Rowe and Nick Alexander, our Nutrition Today experts on the topic weigh in with a very thoughtful and enlightening column on revisiting “Twilight of the Gatekeepers" a wonderful essay on how what is regarded as expertise in food and nutrition has changed and who the new players are.  The next article takes a deep dive into one of the most popular experts—Dr. Google! Hannah Cai asks “Can You Trust Dr. Google for Health and Nutrition?". There are reasons to give pause to that sort of information, especially when dealing with people with major health problems. And our ASN page reminds us that the American Society for Nutrition talks from 2021 conference are still available to provide an update on exactly what is going on in nutrition.

There's plenty of news about the science of nutrition in this issue as well as all of the attention to communications. Yours truly got a real eye opener when she read the piece on Consumer IV Vitamin Therapy: Wellness Boost or Toxicity Threat?  It boggles the mind that there are people who actually pay to get hooked up to an IV drip with vitamin solution in the hope of ameliorating the effects of drinking too much or for other reasons. It is quite a cottage industry and our columnist Kathy Kolasa and her colleague have done a thorough investigation for readers on it

Kevin Maki and his colleagues take a hard look at the potential role of appetite in mediating the relationship between consumption of whole grains and body weight in a good piece. Read all about it and regardless of how you weigh in on the evidence, keep eating those grains! 

Johanna Dwyer, DSc,RD

Editor, Nutrition Today

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