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Jiménez, Liliana PhD

doi: 10.1097/NT.0b013e3181fe3fb5

Liliana Jiménez, PhD, is hydration platform director, R&D Waters, RD 128, 9177 Palaiseau Cedex, France (

The hydration platform of Danone Research has been working during the last 3 years with a panel of experts on hydration, nutrition, metabolism, physical activity, renal, and cognitive function to answer key questions about the quantity and the quality of fluid consumption and its link with the normal population's health and well-being. For the first time, the scientific advisory board of Danone R&D Waters convened in Paris for the inaugural "Hydration for Health" scientific meeting sponsored by Danone Waters. The aim of this meeting was to share insights into the role of water for kidney health, the importance of healthy hydration for preventing obesity and metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, and maintaining physical health and performance, with the scientific community and also the general population.

After the scientific presentations, Prof Lawrence E. Armstrong from the University of Connecticut, summarized the key discussions into "perspectives for improving healthy hydration," both as scientific rationales for change and recommendations for further development.

The presentations of this Hydration for Health conference have been summarized and appear in this supplement.

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