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Methods Articles

Measuring the Quality of Care Related to Pain Management: A Multiple-Method Approach to Instrument Development

Larsen Beck, Susan; Towsley, Gail L.; Berry, Patricia H.; More

Nursing Research. 59(2):85-92, March-April 2010.

An instrument was produced that will contribute to the measurement of the quality of nursing and interdisciplinary care related to pain management. The items retained in the PainCQ were understood and judged by hospitalized patients with pain easily.

Determining Content Validity of a Self-Report Instrument for Adolescents Using a Heterogeneous Expert Panel

Schilling, Lynne S.; Dixon, Jane K.; Knafl, Kathleen A.; More

Nursing Research. 56(5):361-366, September-October 2007.

This article describes the use of experiential experts in a content validity evaluation of a new instrument.

Intraclass Correlations Among Physiologic Measures in Children and Adolescents

Amorim, Leila D.; Bangdiwala, Shrikant I.; McMurray, Robert G.; More

Nursing Research. 56(5):355-360, September-October 2007.

The ICCs for body mass index (BMI), sum of skinfolds (SSF), blood pressure, glucose, insulin, and lipids were determined using baseline data from the Cardiovascular Health in Children and Youth Studies (CHIC II and III).

Co-Bedding Twins: How Pilot Study Findings Guided Improvements in Planning a Larger Multicenter Trial

Hayward, Kathryn; Campbell-Yeo, Marsha; Price, Sheri; More

Nursing Research. 56(2):137-143, March-April 2007.

The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility of study design, methods, and the measurement of desired outcomes for the development of a larger multicentered study.

Quantifying Smoking Cessation Outcomes: From The Women's Initiative for Nonsmoking Study (X): Methodological Implications

Oka, Roberta K.; Katapodi, Maria C.; Lim, Jessica W.; More

Nursing Research. 55(4):292-297, July-August 2006.

This article compares three classifications (naïve, optimistic, and pessimistic) of smoking cessation outcomes or smoking status from the Women's Initiative for Nonsmoking Study (WINS).

Trier Social Stress Test: A Method for Use in Nursing Research

Williams, Reg Arthur; Hagerty, Bonnie M.; Brooks, Geneal

Nursing Research. 53(4):277-280, July-August 2004.

This article describes the Trier Social Stress Test, a research protocol that can be used to induce psychosocial stress and capture the integrated aspects of an individual's biologic and psychological responses.