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Peer Review Examples for Training

Posting information on published manuscripts allows you to read the peer reviews, examine how manuscripts are revised based on them, and understand the contribution of the editorial office. The originally submitted manuscript is posted; you may compare it with the published article.

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The most current articles presented as peer review examples

  •  Jang, M., Brandon, D., Vorderstrasse, A (2019). Relationships Among Parental Psychological Distress, Parental Feeding Practices, Child Diet, and Child Body Mass Index. Nursing Research, 68, 296–306.

  •  Schnur KC., Gill E, Guerrero A, Osier N, Reuter-Rice K (2019). Best Practices for Obtaining Genomic Consent in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Research. Nursing Research, 68 E11-E20

  •  Cong, X., Judge, M., Xu, W., Diallo, A., Janton, S., Brownell, E. A., Maas, K., & Graf, J. (2017).  Influence of Feeding Type on Gut Microbiome Development in Hospitalized Preterm Infants. Nursing Research, 66, 123-133.

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  • Aroke, E. N., Crawford, S. L., & Dungan, J. R. (2017). Pharmacogenetics of Ketamine-Induced Emergence Phenomena: A Pilot Study. Nursing Research, 66, 105-114.

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  • Stoddard, S. A., Varela, J. J., & Zimmerman, M. A. (2015). Future expectations, attitude towards violence, and bullying perpetration during early adolescence: A mediation evaluation. Nursing Research, 64, 422-433. 

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  • Park, J., Knafl, G., Thoyre, S., & Brandon, D. (2015). Factors associated with feeding progression in extremely preterm infants. Nursing Research, 64. 159-167

The Manuscript |  Review Comments |  Author Responses  |  Published Article 

  • Bosak, K & Martin, L. (2014).  Neuroimaging of goal-directed behavior in midlife women. Nursing Research, 63, 388-396.

The Manuscript  | Review Comments | Author Responses   Published Article 

  • Talley, K. M. C., Wyman, J. F., Bronas, U. G., Olson-Kellogg, B. J., McCarthy, T. C., & Zhao, H. (2014). Factors Associated With Toileting Disability in Older Adults Without Dementia Living in Residential Care Facilities. Nursing Research, 63, 94-104.

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  • Chase, J. D. & Conn, V. S. (2013).  Meta-Analysis of Fitness Outcomes From Motivational Physical Activity Interventions. Nursing Research, 62, 294-304.

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