April 2012 - Volume 43 - Issue 4
pp: 1-56



Team Concepts

Evidence-Based Nursing

Regulatory Readiness

Performance Potential

Leadership Q&A

Patient satisfaction: How to get it and how to keep it

Squires, Sharon

Nursing Management. 43(4):26-32, April 2012.

Patient satisfaction is a driving force behind the healthcare industry. Healthcare facilitiesmust implement patient-centered communication and care to maintain loyal, satisfied customers.

From veterans to nexters: Managing a Multigenerational nursing workforce

Outten, Mary K.

Nursing Management. 43(4):42-47, April 2012.

There are four generations working within the healthcare industry, each with their own opinions, desires, and expectations. It's up to nurse leaders to help bridge generational gaps and create functioning harmony among staff.

Nursing Management's

CE Connection

Culturally competent care: Are we there yet?

Kersey-Matusiak, Gloria

Nursing Management. 43(4):34-39, April 2012.

Determining cultural competency requires nurses to continually and consistently self-evaluate. One way is to question their awareness, skill, knowledge, encounters, and desire.


If at first you don't succeed...

Dickey, Susan M.

Nursing Management. 43(4):49-52, April 2012.

Magnet® status is highly sought after across healthcare facilities, but what happens when you're denied?Read what one organization did to turn their rejection into recognition.