October 2011 - Volume 42 - Issue 10
pp: 6-56



Regulatory Readiness

Recruitment & Retention Report

Evidence-Based Nursing

Career Scope: Pacific Mountain

Leadership Q&A

The "Dance of Caring Persons"

Pross, Elizabeth; Hilton, Nancy; Boykin, Anne; More

Nursing Management. 42(10):25-30, October 2011.

Creating a culture where each person is respected, valued, and celebrated shapes an environment that can transform an organization.

Avoiding "groupthink" A manager's challenge

Macleod, Les

Nursing Management. 42(10):44-48, October 2011.

Working in a team is great, but do the members of your team think as individuals or as one? This article can help you identify and find solutions for groupthink.

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