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Nurse leaders as problem-solvers: Addressing lateral and horizontal violence

Anthony, Michelle R.; Brett, Anne Liners

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(8):12-19, August 2020.

This study examined nurse leaders' perceptions of their role in addressing lateral and horizontal violence.

Engagement among psychiatric nurses: Is it different? How and why?

Curran, Mary-Jo; Rivera, Reynaldo R.; Knaplund, Claire; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(8):20-26, August 2020.

Here, the authors share information from a study that investigated engagement levels and the drivers of engagement in psychiatric nurses.

Filling the pipeline before it's empty: From first semester to graduate nurse

Sanchez, Lynda; Fuselier, Aline

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(8):36-42, August 2020.

Learn how a nonprofit hospital developed a unique nurse intern practice transition program to bring nursing students into the hospital environment.

Impact of nurses' weight status on patient health promotion: A literature review

Essen, Kylee; Brown, Robin

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(8):44-49, August 2020.

When evaluating the effectiveness of nurses as role models for healthy living, it's important to look into both nurse and patient perspectives.

A blueprint for leadership during COVID-19

Rosa, William E.; Schlak, Amelia E.; Rushton, Cynda H.

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(8):28-34, August 2020.

This article puts forward institutional policy recommendations to support nurses not only during the COVID-19 crisis and future pandemics and health disasters.