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Active shooter incidents: Awareness and action

Mass shootings can happen anywhere at any time and can impact healthcare personnel in any setting. This article provides guidance for nurses based on recommendations from the International Nursing Coalition for Mass Casualty Education, best practices, and lessons learned from the experiences of hospitals that have navigated this type of catastrophe.

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Advanced nursing practice roles: Closing the knowledge gap

To realize organizational goals centered on cost and quality, healthcare leaders should understand the potential of and provide support for advanced nursing roles. This research project assessed participants' understanding of the distinction between APRN and clinical nurse leader roles, as well as the roles of doctorally prepared nurses.

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The journey to excellence: Transforming the care delivery process through service excellence training and standards of professionalism

Read about one hospital's road to implementing a service excellence training program focused on behaviors to support collaborative, holistic patient care in an effective, respectful manner. Since the program started, patient satisfaction scores have been maintained above 60% for more than four consecutive quarters.

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