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An expanded institutional- and national-level blueprint to address nurse burnout and moral suffering amid the evolving pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and amplified the longstanding occupational circumstances of nurses. In this article, the authors provide updates to their 2020 institutional recommendations and craft a national plan to tackle burnout and moral suffering.

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Improving care quality through nurse-to-nurse consults and early warning system technology

Read about a pilot project at a 340-bed city hospital to improve the quality of nursing care and reduce the number of code blue emergencies outside the ICU through early recognition of clinical deterioration and proactive rounding utilizing a new critical care consult nurse role, the Rothman Index early warning scoring tool, and an upgraded electronic display component of the tool.

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-An expanded blueprint to address nurse burnout and moral suffering
-Critical care consult nurse role
-Nurse-physician collaboration
-2021 Visionary Leader
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