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What's my next step? Navigating nursing career progression

When seeking a new employer, ease of interviewing, onboarding, and ongoing professional development opportunities are critical factors to new graduate and experienced nurses. Using a centralized team to effectively and efficiently manage this process is a cornerstone of workforce sustainability for an acute care hospital system.


Monkeypox: What nurse leaders need to know

In July 2022, the World Health Organization declared the escalating global monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency. Because smallpox was eradicated worldwide, healthcare providers lack an understanding of this virus. This article presents an overview of monkeypox, its symptoms, nursing care, patient education, and implications for nurse leaders.


From patient days to weighted patients: Developing better nursing workload measures

Traditional workload measures for in-patient nursing units based on patient days, a once-a-day midnight census, fail to account for other relevant factors. The authors outline how to build a system that's responsive to both patient volume and acuity throughout the day and matched to proper patient-to-nurse staffing ratios.


Tea for the Soul: An intervention to support nurse resilience

This study assessed participant satisfaction with Tea for the Soul, an intervention designed to provide support and respite for hospital staff. Of the 295 employees participating in the evaluation, 98% gave positive or neutral ratings of the program's elements.

​​​​​-NCPD Impact of the pandemic on non-direct care nurses

-2022 Visionary Leader Award winner
-​​OPEN Preceptorship-to-hire program
-Patient satisfaction​​ with postoperative bras
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