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Read through this collection of top Nursing Management articles from 2020.
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The impact of real-time patient feedback using a gamified system

Weaver, Susan H.; Paliwal, Mani; Phillips, Maryjo; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(12):14-21, December 2020.

Learn how a Magnet®-recognized acute care hospital sought to explore if a gamified patient feedback system would improve nurse engagement and patient satisfaction by implementing it on a 43-bed medical-surgical unit.

Enhancing the patient and provider experience through telehealth

Sensmeier, Joyce

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(11):8-15, November 2020.

There's an urgent need for nurses to embrace telehealth services to ensure that patients receive the care they need at the optimal place and time. This article reviews the benefits and challenges of this important technology.

Best practices for burnout self-care

Roux, Nikki; Benita, Tiffany

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(10):30-35, October 2020.

Burnout is increasingly becoming a concern among healthcare professionals around the world. Identifying possible burnout in your healthcare team or educating healthcare professionals about how to recognize burnout in themselves is the first step to equipping them with the resources they need.

Creating clinical nurse leaders during the COVID-19 outbreak

Bernhardt, Jean M.

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(9):42-48, September 2020.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nurse leaders in all organizations will be stretched thin at some point. Supporting aspiring nurse leaders in short-term assignments as clinical nurse leaders provides experiential leadership development opportunities and creates a future workforce to fill nursing leadership vacancies.

Engagement among psychiatric nurses: Is it different? How and why?

Curran, Mary-Jo; Rivera, Reynaldo R.; Knaplund, Claire; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(8):20-26, August 2020.

Organizational success requires engaged nurses to prevent turnover and provide high-quality care. Here, the authors share information from a study that investigated engagement levels and the drivers of engagement in a population of psychiatric nurses.

Appropriate use of telemetry in the acute care setting

Flanders, Kim; Hudson, Zachary

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(5):44-51, May 2020.

This quality improvement project looked at directly aligning the ordering process for telemetry with the American College of Cardiology indications for appropriate telemetry use.