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2019 Wellness Series

  • Creator:   Drew Parent
  • Updated:   10/16/2020
  • Contains:  4 items
Read through our award-winning 2019 Wellness Series.

Mindfulness to promote nurses' well-being

Penque, Sue

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 50(5):38-44, May 2019.

Find out how one hospital introduced a mindfulness-based stress reduction program to increase work satisfaction and decrease burnout.

Can laughter yoga provide stress relief for clinical nurses?

Lynes, Linda; Kawar, Lina; Valdez, Regina M.

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 50(6):30-37, June 2019.

Laughter yoga is prolonged voluntary laughter accompanied by deep breathing and ending with meditation and relaxation. Read about a pilot study at a suburban community hospital to test the effect of laughter yoga on decreasing nurses' stress and compassion fatigue and enhancing their compassion satisfaction.

A well-being vision: Transcending care

Boerger, Judy; Bland, Pamela; Meyer, Carolyn; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 50(10):36-42, October 2019.

Read about a tertiary hospital that was designed to be a welcomingplace of hope, healing, and confidence, with each person receivingthe best care experience not only for the community, but also for thewell-being of clinicians and coworkers.

Joy at work: Creating a culture of resilience

Carter, Kelly; Hawkins, Anne

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 50(12):34-42, December 2019.

Joy at work can be achieved with targeted intervention and staff engagement, and can also be viewed as an antidote to stress and burnout. Read about a program that tackled the stressors on a cardiothoracic progressive care unit and a rehabilitation unit, leading to an improved work environment.