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Self-care for nurses

  • Creator:   Drew Parent
  • Updated:   1/11/2021
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Here, read through a wide variety of articles that discuss and promote self-care for nurses.

Emotional exhaustion as a predictor for burnout among nurses

Whittington, Kelli D.; Shaw, Thomas; McKinnies, Richard C.; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 52(1):22-28, January 2021.

Read about a study that examined the impact of burnout among nurses during high-stress situations, as afforded by the presence of COVID-19.

Best practices for burnout self-care

Roux, Nikki; Benita, Tiffany

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(10):30-35, October 2020.

Burnout is increasingly becoming a concern among healthcare professionals around the world. Identifying possible burnout in your healthcare team or educating healthcare professionals about how to recognize burnout in themselves is the first step to equipping them with the resources they need.

A blueprint for leadership during COVID-19

Rosa, William E.; Schlak, Amelia E.; Rushton, Cynda H.

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(8):28-34, August 2020.

This article discusses burnout and moral distress among nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic and suggests institutional policy recommendations to support nurses not only during this crisis, but also during future pandemics and health disasters.

Second victim support programs for healthcare organizations

Stone, Misty

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(6):38-45, June 2020.

This integrative literature review describes the types of second victim support programs offered by healthcare organizations to understand how best to assist second victims and highlight effective evidence-based strategies.

An education intervention to reduce compassion fatigue in a community medical center

Kestler, Susan A.; Barnett, Diana; Kelly, Miranda; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(6):30-37, June 2020.

Read about a study to evaluate the effectiveness of a resiliency education program in mitigating risk factors for and reducing some of the consequences of compassion fatigue.

Chi Time: Expanding a novel approach for hospital employee engagement

Keogh, Maggie; Marin, Deborah B.; Jandorf, Lina; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 51(4):32-38, April 2020.

Health systems around the US and globally are looking for innovative strategies to keep staff members engaged in their work and prevent burnout. Learn about Chi Time, a new program that aims to provide respite for staff members by creating a calm and safe space within a busy hospital environment.

The Chi Cart ministry

Keogh, Maggie; Sharma, Vanshdeep; Myerson, Sandra L.; More

Nursing Management (Springhouse). 48(8):32-38, August 2017.

Discover how the Mount Sinai Center for Spirituality and Health created a chaplain-led program to enhance employee engagement.