Articles by Sandra Kenney Weeks, MSN, RN, CRRN, NEA-BC

Responding to an active shooter and other threats of violence

Weeks, Sandra Kenney; Barron, Bridget Tillman; Horne, Marilyn Ray; More

Nursing Management. 45(6):42-45, June 2014.

Does your organization have a plan in place for potential acts of violence? Discover how one hospitalprepared all of its employees for the unthinkable.

A unique approach to continuity of care 24/7 infusion

Weeks, Sandra Kenney; Green, Shelley Riddle; Jones, Lynn Sealander

Nursing Management. 40(8):39-42, August 2009.

Looking for a creative, compassionate, cost-effective way to enhance infusion services? Consider this unique approach to continuity of care.

Getting inside depression and suicide ideation

Weeks, Sandra Kenney; Anderson, Mary Ann; Harmon, Laura S.; More

Nursing Management. 35(10):42-46, October 2004.

One comprehensive screening approach targets patients four years and older.