Articles by Rosanne Raso, MS, RN, CNAA

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The state of nurse leader wellness: Results of the Nursing Management Wellness Survey

Raso, Rosanne

Nursing Management. 49(2):24-31, February 2018.

Over 1,000 nurses responded to our 2017 Wellness Survey, and the results are in. Find out how your colleagues from around the world deal with balancing well-being and workplace stress.

It's all connected! Patient experience and healthy practice environments

Raso, Rosanne

Nursing Management. 47(8):24-29, August 2016.

Find out how clinical excellence, client satisfaction, and staff engagement intersect: Making the connection can positively impact all three of these goals.

Creating cultures of safety: Risk management challenges and strategies

Raso, Rosanne; Gulinello, Carol

Nursing Management. 41(12):26-33, December 2010.

Do you know your responsibilities in directing patient care and influencing change, from a risk perspective?

Social media for nurse managers: What does it all mean?

Raso, Rosanne

Nursing Management. 41(8):22-25, August 2010.

The unpredictable and spontaneous nature of social networksand blogs may add authentic content, but from a managerialperspective, it also adds risk.

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